Travel Cat Handbag Space Capsule window bubble astronaut With USB lighting fan Pet Carriers Bag Carrying For Cats transporting

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Travel Cat Handbag Space Capsule window bubble astronaut With USB lighting fan Pet Carriers Bag Carrying For Cats transporting

Every detail of the bag is taken into account
* Retro design -Vintage ,Multi-faceted ventilation design,Built-in lighting
* Big space&Big vision – More than 50% wide skylight design, broaden vision
* Increase reflective band – Ensuring safety at night
* Flexible Inside button – Multi-point design, free buckle up and down
* Back decompression design – Zip lock
* With car fixing strap design – Worry-free travel safety
* Stable support – Bottom support feet, not easy to wear
* Dark brown material reduces environmental irritation
* Process- Selection of fabrics,Lightweight fabric, strong and durable, mirror-polished plastic and gold-plated decorations

Product Specification
Color: green / white
Weight: about 1.4Kg
Size: 33 * 30 * 45CM (manual measurement may have an error of 1-2CM)
Material: ABS, PC, fabric
Rated voltage: 5VDC
Suitable for: Pets up to 8Kg

Product Use:
1 Before use, you can install a mobile power supply and connect it with a USB port to provide power for fresh air and lighting systems(this product does not include a mobile power supply, please bring your own).
2 Unzip the back and put the items to power the fresh air / lighting system (can be opened up to 90 °)
3 Close the zipper and fasten the safety buckle to prevent pets from escaping
4 Adjust the shoulder strap to a comfortable position and start travel with your pet
5 After the power is turned on, the device will enter the AUTO mode by default. The fresh air system will automatically adjust the wind speed to the first or second gear according to the ambient temperature. You can also click the button to manually switch the wind speed according to the pet status.(High wind speed should only be started in hot and humid environment. It is not recommended to use it after bathing / in wet state.)
6 Double click the button to turn the lighting system on and off.

Cell Capacity Of Mobile Power Supply
Estimated time duration
5000 MAH about 33 hours
10000 MAH about 66 hours
(Capacity of other cells and so on, different brands depend on performance)

Maintenance And Cleaning
*If back parts need to be cleaned, the internal underlay can be removed first. Please use a wet cloth containing clear water or detergent to wipe them clean (the electronic components inside the body must not be wiped with water and kept dry), and then ventilate and dry them.Protect them do not expose them to the sun.
*Since dark color fabric is easy to fade, please do not use washing products containing bleaching or fluorescent agent when wiping
*Do not over apply detergent when there are oil stains and other stubborn stains.
*Please pay attention to the fact that the dark fabric is wet by water or the color will shift due to friction
*Please keep it away from direct sunlight so as not to cause discoloration or accelerate product aging.
*Please pay attention to avoid sharp objects and scratches on the hard shell.
(please read the washing and maintenance information carefully and keep it properly for reference.)

Use Secure
*Failure to comply with the following provisions may result in improper use of the product or other accidental losses.
*Please install and use the equipment in strict accordance with the instructions.
*The lighting function is a special environmental lighting device. Please turn off in time in case of pet stress or discomfort.
*Pets in poor condition or with wet hair should use fresh air system carefully.
*If children use this device, make sure to use it under adult guidance.
*Except for maintenance personnel, other people shall not repair the product to avoid all kinds of accidental injuries.
*Please contact customer service in time in case of product use problems.

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